Online grocery shopping hit or miss?


Have you ever ordered your grocery shopping online? I do every week. I hate the cramped aisles in a supermarket, where your ankles almost get chopped to the bone by other shoppers trolleys, who seem to be in far more need to move through the aisle than you are! Then there’s the marathon checkout worker, who literally throws your shopping through the conveyor like they are breaking a world record, and shoving your food into bags as quick as you can, so that you can get out of there. These reasons are why I shop online, but the question is, is that any better? People say to me, they like to check out the deals in the supermarket, but you can also do this online. My point is, I prefer to do it online, but I have to say, ASDA are the worst online grocery store ever! Now, I have used other online grocery stores, TESCO, ICELAND etc, so my claim is well founded. The site itself can be buggy, taking forever to load, and sometimes leaving you unable to checkout, but the worst is when it’s delivered. Most of the time, there are no bags, leaving you bringing in one item at a time. Then because the driver is in such a rush, you don’t get time to check if it’s all there. On many occasions, I have had huge amounts of shopping missing, usually all of my frozen stuff, then you have to go through all of the hassel of ringing customer service for re-delivery. Also on many occasions, there have been times when they say items are out of stock, like bananas. Really? You expect me to believe, that in the entire store there are no bananas?

I have not had any of these problems with other stores, but unfortunately ASDA, is one I’m comfortable with. I like their products, and prices, but their service is a total joke! You’ve been warned 🙂

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  1. I use Tesco and experience some of the same problems, surprisingly it’s usually our frozen stuff that gets forgotten too. Obviously frozen is particularly difficult to deliver 😀

    1. Lol, maybe it’s too cold for them 🙂 I haven’t had a problem with TESCO, although I rarely use them but ASDA do it to me every week. There is always something missing, or I end up with someone else’s shopping. I had to go up to the store, and pick out my own missing items this week because they were understaffed and couldn’t re-deliver. It really is a terrible service, especially when they actually get paid for it!

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