Benidorm part one

This will be a two part post of my recent holiday in Benidorm 🙂 Here are some photos I took while I was out there.

How seriously do you take your role as a wife?

Back in the day a wife’s role was to wait hand and foot on her husband as well as tend to the house and children. Thankfully in this day and age equality has taken effect. Personally I don’t agree that their dinner should be set on the table as soon as they set foot in…

Yesterday’s sketch

Here is a sketch I did yesterday. Unfortunately I used up three of my kids black felt tips so they are not best pleased but I was with the finished result 🙂

Can you write with distractions?

This post goes out to all you authors. Can you write with distractions in the background? By this I mean kids, television, people holding a conversation? i can’t but oddly I can read a book and be completely oblivious to all around me even if they have been trying to talk to me for the…

What cliques were you in at school?

In schools there are always Cliques no matter whether you want to be in one or not. You have the nerds, goths, troublemakers and of course the cool kids and many more. Personally I floated in and out of all of them. I had friends in all of these so called ‘Cliques.’ At school I…

Why can’t I remove what’s mine?

I’m getting extremely annoyed by the fact that I can’t remove something that I created! Some of you may be aware that Twisted Bloodlines was originally published under a different name. It was also edited the hell out of and a father’s obsession is a former shell of what the book is now. The problem…

What’s life like living in a big family?

I’ve heard people comment on many occasions that they would love to come from or have a big family and that celebrations like Christmas must be awesome. Yeah right! There are ten of us in my household and I can tell you from experience that it is mayhem. Never a day goes past without arguments,…

Another sketch of mine

This is so true and since I have a little writers block at the moment I drew this picture to try and spark the little grey cells 🙂 Nothing like a villain to get the imagination flowing!

Freebie alert!!!!

Did you know the first book in the Twisted Bloodlines series is available for free at the moment? No. Well what are you waiting for go and grab a copy now!

Release day!

Today is the release of Temptations From The Past the fourth installment in the Twisted Bloodlines series. Links are as follows go and grab your copy now 🙂