Would you let your child roam free abroad?

Posted: March 5, 2015 in books


I was having this conversation the other day but rather than child per say, I was referring to two teenage boys. My husband and I are taking my boys to Spain. They are seventeen and fifteen. The disagreement was that whilst over there they could wander off and do their own thing but I said no. Am I wrong to say this? I don’t think so, you’ve only got to turn on the news and hear that there is another missing person abroad. Granted it’s usually young girls but do I really want to take the risk? I think not. Call me overprotective but this is another country with different laws and people who don’t speak my language. Even in my own country I am weary of letting them travel too far. We live in a world full of predators be it traffickers, muggers etc. These are my flesh and blood and I will do all that I can to keep them safe. Let’s hear your views on this. I’m curious to know if I am the only overprotective mother in the world 🙂


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