Is it fair to make children the center of attention?

Posted: March 6, 2015 in books


In schools their policy is all about installing confidence in their pupils. Although this is a good thing, at times it can be very unsettling for the child. As a mother I feel that I’m qualified to say that sometimes their methods are wrong. If you have a shy child like I do and have to witness the state that they get into when finding out that they are to be the center of attention then I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ve even had teens stressing over having to stand up in front of the class and deliver a speech that they had written. I’ve also had younger ones crying and even losing sleep over having to perform a class show on stage in front of the whole school. While I know these techniques are confidence builders, the teachers don’t have to witness their child in tears, terrified of having all eyes on them. In my opinion some children and teens are made for this role and the ones that aren’t shouldn’t be forced to partake. I don’t feel it means they lack confidence. In my youth I refused to perform on stage in school but I turned out okay.

The musicians, actors and public speakers of the world are most likely to have been comfortable under the spotlight. It doesn’t mean those who weren’t won’t go on to do great things  with their lives just because they don’t want to be center of attention.

Am I wrong? Leave your comments in the box below and let me hear your views on the subject 🙂


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