Temptations from the past blurb

Posted: March 6, 2015 in books

wordpress blurb

With the release of book four in the series nearly upon us and a cover reveal just around the corner I thought I’d do a reveal of my own and treat you to the blurb. Enjoy 🙂

They say never return to the past, but what if the past returns to you?

Sean’s job is to return Becky to the human world where she belongs. He had no way of knowing his past would threaten to drag him back into the murky depths of his youth. The beast that he has fought so hard to control has slipped its leash and is ready to resurface thanks to the female that has shadowed his entire life.

Now that she’s back, all of Sean’s efforts to retain his humanity are shattered. Previously forbidden to him, she offers herself on a silver platter, playing to his male weaknesses. Should he succumb to her wishes, there is a heavy price to pay – his very soul.

Tempting him at every opportunity, his quest to return Becky is rapidly losing its importance. His brothers are along for the ride and being hunted by a mage with a vengeance. Sean desperately wants to fight alongside them and take revenge for the price laid on his brother’s head.

But the temptress from the past is ensuring that all his attention is on her.


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