A trip down memory lane

Posted: March 8, 2015 in books


I’m going to do a sort of photo trip down memory lane and share with you where I grew up 🙂

hometown This is the estate I grew up on. While most council estates have bad reputations Chelsea Manor was fairly quiet and I have very fond memories of the years I spent there.

chelsea libraryThis is Chelsea Library where I spent quite a lot of time as you can imagine 🙂

swimmingThis is Chelsea swimming pool another place where I spent a lot of time and also nearly drowned under a very large inflatable!

kings rd kings sign This is what Chelsea is famous for the King’s road another hangout of mine and also where I found my first job.

waitrose kings rd Waitrose was my very first job after leaving school and conveniently close to home 🙂

So there you have it. My hometown and personal places of interests. Some people think that growing up on a council estate automatically places you in the lower class category but I disagree. My parents worked hard to provide for us and we never went without. Another classic case of judging a book by it’s cover 🙂

  1. Emma says:

    my happiest memories! We met at around age 4 my longest and dearest friend. Your family where like my second family we was always together! I always knew you were super clever and talented! And I’m as proud as ever! Love you loads xx

  2. I don’t know about clever and talented but I love you loads too xx. They were great times and I miss every moment and my dad still calls you houston! It looks very posh there now with fancy gates but most of the shops are still the same.

  3. cara says:

    Miss them days. Wish I could turn back time lol x love you girls miss you 😢 x

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