Is reality TV entertainment?

Posted: March 11, 2015 in books


I’m probably going to upset a few people here but we all have our own opinions and this is mine. There are a variety of reality shows out there and for the most part are entertaining. Shows like wife swap, I’m a celebrity, X-factor and Britain’s got talent are what I class as entertainment. However there are a few shows that make me wonder what the producers were thinking. Take this one for example

geordie shore

It’s about a group of Geordies in their twenties getting off their faces and jumping into bed with each other and then bitching about it afterwards. They go into a club and make out with total strangers and then bring them back to the house. They even have a designated ‘shag pad.’ They live like pigs, throw up all over the place and urinate in a sink full of washing up! Can someone please tell me what is entertaining about that! All I see is a bunch of girls disgracing themselves in front of millions. If they were my daughter’s I would be ashamed to admit it. Disgusting behaviour it really shouldn’t be allowed.

Drop your views in the comments or even share your own reality TV nightmare 🙂


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