Confessions of low self esteem

Posted: March 16, 2015 in books


I can relate to this quote. I’m not the most confident of people especially in the things that I do. I hate drawing attention to myself and would never dress in anything that would catch a person’s eye. I don’t have a problem talking to a complete stranger unless the conversation becomes about me. As an author things can become difficult as you’re required to become a social butterfly and really put yourself out there. I also hate having my photograph taken if you looked in my home or albums it would be a rare sight to find one. I’ve recently braved a selfie and put it on my sites and have so far resisted the urge to remove it! I’ve been asked to open a school library which sent a cold chill of dread through me. All those people staring back at me expectantly it’s like my worst nightmare! But the problem is if I want to get my books out there I need to do these things. I was talking to my publisher the other day who suggested a book signing. To be honest I’d rather have a tooth pulled but what it boils down to is how important are my books to me and the answer is very important. The event will put a strain on my finances and probably lower my self esteem even more if its a bust but I can’t help but feel the need to try. For many years my life has been on the back burner. Kids and husband come first, housework second etc. I’ve always held two passions in life my writing and my drawing. I tried to make a success in the art field but personal circumstances got in the way of that and it got pushed aside. Now that I have released four books in the series I’m desperate to see it thrive and also any other books that I create.

I’m determined to get past this hurdle and lift that hand-break. All I can do is hope and pray that it doesn’t send me to a place i’ll never come back from 🙂

  1. Good luck with it! Self-esteem can be a real hurdle to get past, but your books deserve the effort 😀

    • Thank you Mishka. It will be a struggle but I’m just going to have to focus on the importance of it and ignore the voice that keeps telling me to run for the hills rather than put myself out there 🙂

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