Why can’t I remove what’s mine?

Posted: March 19, 2015 in books


I’m getting extremely annoyed by the fact that I can’t remove something that I created! Some of you may be aware that Twisted Bloodlines was originally published under a different name. It was also edited the hell out of and a father’s obsession is a former shell of what the book is now. The problem I’m having is that the book still shows on Goodreads and Amazon and they won’t let me delete it! I made a total mess of my Goodreads author page trying to get rid of it and they had to correct it for me but still wouldn’t delete the older versions of book one and two in the series but they did combine the editions so that they wouldn’t show. They said the reason it can’t be deleted entirely is because users may have it on their shelves. Well since its no longer in publication, I can’t see how this is an issue considering they can no longer read it.

Amazon has made me fill out an infringement form for me to remove it and they have said the same as Goodreads stating that their policy is to provide the best customer experience by including all titles and formats in my bibliography including that of works both in-and out- of print. Why!!! I wrote the damn book if I want it removed then isn’t that my decision? How can you provide the best customer experience by displaying a book you’ll never be able to read!!!!

Am I the only one to have suffered this problem? If not I’d love to hear how you managed to find a loophole in all of this. I’m still waiting on Amazons response as to whether they will or won’t remove it from my page. My fingers and toes are crossed 🙂


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