What cliques were you in at school?

Posted: March 20, 2015 in books


In schools there are always Cliques no matter whether you want to be in one or not. You have the nerds, goths, troublemakers and of course the cool kids and many more. Personally I floated in and out of all of them. I had friends in all of these so called ‘Cliques.’ At school I wasn’t a star pupil and would hang around with whoever the mood took me on that day. I had my favorite subjects at school (Art and English) and would only make an effort in these, so on those days I would be associated with the nerd Clique. I didn’t really have time for the cool kids despite a few friends in the group. I found them to be too stuck up for my liking. If I’m honest my time was generally spent with the troublemakers though having said that I didn’t go out of my way to cause trouble. If a lesson didn’t interest me then I would get bored and start chatting or generally become a pain and get thrown out of class. I didn’t wake every morning with the notion that I’m going to play up and get excluded. I do regret not pushing myself to learn the subjects that didn’t interest me but if I don’t like something then unfortunately I’m too stubborn to give it a go. Another issue in my life that I am working on 🙂

What Cliques would you have classed yourself in?


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