Benidorm part 2

Posted: April 5, 2015 in books


I’ve just returned from a 4 night break in Benidorm and thought i’d share it with you. Firstly it is a built up city but some of the buildings are spectacular. (Check part 1 for a photo but my calling was never as a photographer 🙂 ) In March you are limited for activities since they generally start in April however we did take a boat trip out to the island which had great views especially when we climbed to the top though the millions of seagulls up there were quite daunting especially since they were nesting. We also visited Terra Natura which is a zoo and was quite a nice day out although part of it was closed as well. There is a beach, not a huge one but nice enough. We even visited Neptunes bar that is featured on the TV series Benidorm.

There is a vast amount of night time entertainment but we mainly visited the comedy bars. The other ones featured shows like the well known ‘Sticky Vicky’ i’ll let you google that one but mostly we found Benidorm to be a party town. Several men were roaming around in women’s underwear and getting rowdy after a full days drinking. It seemed to be where all the stag do and hen nights tend to travel. I can’t fault the hotel, we stayed in Ambassador player 1. The rooms were clean and the hotel well presented. I even came back to find a bucket filled with Cava as a birthday gift from the staff. The menu was an all you can eat buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the food was fantastic.

Would I go back? Sadly no. If I wanted to watch loud drunken youngsters making a fool of themselves I would have stayed in London 🙂


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