What’s your biggest annoyance?

Posted: April 11, 2015 in books


I admit that I have many things that annoy me and have most likely mentioned them before but what I really hate is people peering over my shoulder. it could be a simple thing like writing a text on my phone and turning to find someone leaning over reading it beside me or the most annoying of all is the way my PC is positioned which means that basically the whole room can see what I’m doing on it so now I use a laptop for when I’m writing blog posts or manuscripts in order to retain some kind of privacy. Maybe it’s just me but my writing is personal until I choose to publish it! Does anyone else feel this way or doesn’t it bother you? I know they are family members that I’m referring to and not a stranger on the street which of course would bother almost everyone, though even friends that visit seem to be drawn to my PC as soon as they enter my house. It just drives me crazy 🙂



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