What teacher made the most impact on you at school?

Posted: April 13, 2015 in books


I would have to choose two. My art teacher who constantly reassured me in my work and showed me new techniques to enhance my ability. Even when I was going through a rough patch and acting up she continued to coach and support me in completing coursework that was crucial to my exams. The second teacher was my English teacher. At first I didn’t really hold an interest in the subject until the end of my first year in secondary school. I wouldn’t say he made it fun. He was strict and loved to shout. He also had a habit of pointing out the troublemakers and slackers (usually me) and making a show of them but he did turn me round. I handed in an essay not really expecting any impressive feedback but after wading through the sea of red correction marker I found an encouraging comment. Receiving that from him was a huge deal to me and I was converted 🙂


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