Flying the nest

Posted: April 15, 2015 in books

nest 2Can you recall the day you flew the nest? Breaking out on your own no longer under the protective wing of your parents. It’s been many years for me and my memories are vague but I do recall that I was determined to make it. I was young and pregnant with my first child and it was hard going through temporary housing and being in a strange place with heaps of responsibilities that i’d never had before. My parents were there if I needed them and I knew that. You come to realize just what your parents had gone through and the struggle it is to make ends meet. You find yourself feeling guilty for your teenage antics (well I did anyway) All those times you treated the house like a hotel coming and going as you pleased leaving your room in a mess and a sink full of dirty dishes. The little things you took for granted become clear to you and you appreciate all that they have done for you through the years. It’s a strange feeling and I can only hope my children feel the same when they come to fly the nest.


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