Are you a good judge of character?

Posted: April 18, 2015 in books


I think we all like to think we are. Generally i’m usually right about a person. If I meet someone and hold a strong dislike to them I’ve found more often than not that they are either liars or users. Of course this only applies to actually meeting a person. I feel there’s no way you can judge a character from online conversations. They could be lying their arses off painting a wonderful picture of themselves and how would you know? I’ll leave those character judges to the likes of TV shows such as Catfish 🙂 But usually you can judge a person within a few hours of meeting them. I watch how they react to the surroundings or their facial expressions during conversations. Kids are almost always a good icebreaker and also a test of patience to the person meeting them. If they leap up cursing and getting angry then you can rest assure they are not very nice people to surround yourself with, well in my book anyway 🙂


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