Here is an excerpt from the fourth book in the Twisted Bloodlines series, Temptations From The Past enjoy 🙂

I watch as Becky stands against the wall. Her hands still grasp the shredded remains of the blouse as if her life depended on it. Her body once again trembles violently as I near where she stands. Her earlier relaxed stance has completely vanished with my approach. I know that I must be a fearsome sight. My teeth have lengthened along with my claws. I can feel the muscles flexing across my face, distorting my appearance as the beast fights for its escape. The sight of her terrified expression both thrills and disgusts me but doesn’t deter me from my destination.

There are only a few inches left between us. Her breath hitches and I can see the fear shinning in those blue eyes. I extend my hand towards her, letting a lengthened claw trail across her cheek, descending further towards the swell of her breasts. The scent of her fear fills the air and her eyes widen further. I can tell she wants to speak by the tremble of her lips, no doubt wanting to warn me away. My advances are no longer welcome. But she is paralysed in terror of my intentions. However, Becky is unaware of the war raging inside me as I regard her. The sensible side of my personality is rapidly fighting a losing battle against the beast urging me on. And Becky is going to be its first meal.

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