What was I thinking?

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Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten what for? How about being in the middle of something and the door goes and you completely forget your earlier task and move onto something else. Or the classic thing for me is meaning to tell someone something and then completely forgetting what I wanted to say! I’ve done all of these on many occasions and it’s very frustrating. It happens with my writing too. I get an idea and think to myself I need to write it down before I forget and then get distracted and the whole thing goes poof and it can take several days before it returns to me. Why do we do this? You could put it down to age but my kids do it all the time, though usually they forget something after being reminded a thousand times and then remember it when I get to the car!

Anyone else suffer with memory slip? Have you got a funny story attached to it? If so drop it in the comment box 🙂 I’ve caught myself trying to put the butter in the cupboard instead of the fridge once but I think that’s just madness setting in 🙂

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