Calling all ebay users

Posted: May 2, 2015 in books

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I’ve recently found a love of ebay, well if i’m honest more of an addiction:) My question to all fellow ebay users is this : how do you feel about buying toys/soft toys used from ebay? I’ve done this many times and for several reasons. There are items on there that are no longer available to purchase in most toy shops. For example my daughter loves the TV series In the night garden but all the old toys which I might add, I used to own and am kicking myself right now for getting rid of them! are no longer  available to buy. The other reason I use ebay is that my daughter’s birthday is right on top of Christmas so she basically gets a load of stuff at the end of the year and grows out of them quickly. I’m not loaded with cash so that I can buy toys for the sake of it so ebay suits my needs especially since I don’t want to pay £30-40 pound! My mother agrees with me that it’s fine to buy used toys and she even does so herself for when the kids go over to hers. In my opinion if you wipe them over and wash the soft toys once you receive them then it should be fine. Obviously I buy new for her birthday and Christmas but for the rest of the year I don’t see the problem giving her used toys to play with. The old ones, especially Fisher Price toys are way better than today’s versions anyway 🙂

What are your views?


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