Posted: May 6, 2015 in books

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Gratitude is often a rare occurrence and can cut deeply when not given by those you love. As a parent it’s not often that you receive it and that’s kind of expected but it can still hurt. Younger children are usually the ones who tend to be ungrateful and often this comes into place with things like birthday/Christmas presents. You could have spent a small fortune and yet they say “is that it?” or “I didn’t ask for that.” Unfortunately because of their young age they don’t understand the value of money but it doesn’t take away the disappointment you feel. Teenagers can be just as bad. They compare you to their friends parents and its either “at least their parents let them out late” or “you don’t support me like my friends parents do.” It does hurt when hearing that your child who you’ve bent over backwards for thinks someone else’s parents are better than you but unfortunately when you’re a parent you have to develop a thick skin 🙂


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