Posted: July 9, 2015 in books


First up sorry for the MIA I’ve been extremely busy with family commitments and trying to complete the fifth and final installment of the Twisted Bloodlines series 🙂

Time is one of the most precious things we have but why do we always seem to be wishing it away? I remember as a kid I wanted the years to move fast so that I could be older, a grown up. Or wishing the months away for birthday’s and Christmas to get presents. How about watching the classroom clock for home time that was always a favorite of mine 🙂 As adults we do the same perhaps you’re waiting on a new book in the series you’re reading which is due to be released in a years time so you wish time would move fast (of course it has to be a spectacular book :)) Or as I do when a film is being made of my favorite book, pray for the months to hurry up so that I can watch it. Or maybe you’re wishing on a big birthday to celebrate but the point is we should make the most of our time not find reasons to wish it away.

Do you do this if so what have you been wishing your time away for?


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