A hermit


I know there are many suffers of agoraphobia in this world and I can relate on some level as to how this may feel. As a teenager you couldn’t keep me indoors I was always out with friends leaving early in the morning and returning when the stars were out but since I had my children it has become all about them and slowly my friends faded into the background. if I go out now it is only to do trips like school runs, shopping etc and I’ve become somewhat of a hermit. It started with the fact that it was easier to stay at home with the little ones for feeding, changing etc but then I began to prefer it at home. As most parents know it can become stressful at times when out and about with small children and I began to limit things to essential trips only. Now I find that I dread going out. I do most of my shopping online and pay bills etc this way also. I don’t want to go out I’m quite happy to be in the comfort of my own home but unfortunately in the school holidays the kids need to go out on day trips to keep them amused. I think this is why I hate the summer at least in winter no one wants to go out. Has anyone else suffered from this and if so did you overcome it? I don’t see it as a problem myself but obviously my partner and children don’t share the same home comforts as I do. I can amuse myself for hours either reading, writing and of course there’s always the housework but apparently I’m being selfish.


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