Drawn to fish


I have an aquarium in my home and I admit that sometimes I find myself drawn to it. I can spend ages just watching them swim (usually when i’m supposed to be writing!) I came across an article and this is what they said:

Believe it or not, aquariums reduce stress and offer other health benefits that are undeniably real.

Studies have shown that aquariums have a profound ability to lower blood pressure, calm the mind, and help to alleviate anxiety. They also help to create a relaxing, soothing environment just about anywhere you put them. It’s no wonder that aquariums are often used in the waiting rooms of doctors, dentists, specialists, child care centers, restaurants and spas. They have the power to keep us entertained and mesmerized for long periods of time. It has been said that aquariums have a hypnotic effects and when people are subjected to them prior to having medical procedures done, most end up needing less pain medication to get the job done.

Not only do aquariums prove to be visually hypnotic, they can be set up so they provide the calming sounds of running water which can completely add to the relaxing effect they already have.

Aquariums are very beneficial to:

  • those suffering with insomnia
  • those suffering with high blood pressure
  • those suffering with stress & anxiety
  • those suffering from tension
  • children with behavioral/psychological problems
  • the elderly
  • those suffering from chronic illness
  • crying infants, including those suffering with colic & separation anxiety

I’m not sure whether they lower blood pressure or alleviate anxiety but they are definitely hypnotic. Though I have to say the sound of running water is more of an annoyance than a relaxing effect since it would have me running to the toilet 🙂 Luckily the only sound from mine is the hum of the filter.

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