Never lose your determination. I know it’s easier said than done having recently been battling with depression. When you lose your determination everything goes out the window. Nothing seems to matter anymore and you go through the days doing basic functions with little or no enthusiasm. I’m slowly breaking through, I’m not the most confident of people but I’ve always been determined in the things I do and now suddenly I feel weak. Today, even though my mind still drifts and my mood sinks, I have composed a small “to do” list but if I can pull off these three usually simple things then I’m heading in the right direction. I don’t want to be weak that’s not part of my personality.

You may wonder what those three things on my list were and I shall tell you: put up blog post, since you’re reading this that’s one box ticked. The second was to get on my rowing machine, I did, only 15 minutes but I’m a little out of practice. For some reason when you’re down you seem to eat more and accepting that I have gone up a dress size just doesn’t sit comfortable with me. The last on my list is my current WIP. This is the hardest, when your mind is wandering with depressing thoughts, concentrating on creating a whole new world is a difficult task. If I manage to write one paragraph that will be a huge success for me. The only advice I can offer is take small steps, write a list like I did and embrace your accomplishments. It’s a lonely place to be but only you can break free of the hold. Find your determination 😀

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  1. iancaimercer says:

    Reblogged this on Iancaimercer's Blog and commented:
    Yeah, had this today too, just get on and keep on going, that’s the only way!

  2. iancaimercer says:

    Yeah, sums up my day, but making an effort!

    1. It’s a horrible situation but even making the smallest attempt to break through is a huge reward and something to be proud of 😀 Some people just don’t understand how hard that small step is until they’ve been through it themselves. I’m glad your making an effort and I’m sure you’ll succeed be positive 😀

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