Seven deadly sins

I’ve decided to do a fun series of posts on my interpretation of the seven deadly sins. I’ll start with lust 😀


Lust is usually associated with a member of the opposite sex. You crave them so badly that you feel like you may explode if you don’t feel them in your arms but lust also applies to other things. There may be something you want, a material object, fame, power or even money and the desperate need for it is driving you insane. Why do we feel this way? It’s a weakness in our genes that can also be our downfall. Some are so obsessed with getting what they are lusting after that it can destroy their lives. Friends can be lost, pushed aside and deceived by our actions. Maybe you lied about a co-worker in order to get that promotion you were both lusting after, your need is that great that you will do anything to get it. Or maybe you’re lusting after a man who is already taken, or maybe both of you are and for one night of passion to relieve the lust burning inside, you have destroyed your own life as well as the other parties involved. People lie, steal and cheat in a bid to get what they feel they desperately need. Lust can be a wonderful thing when the  circumstances are right but also devastating when they’re not.

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