How far would you go to please your teen?


How far would you go to make sure your teen is happy and content? Some parents are unfortunate enough to have wayward teens and are constantly walking on eggshells around them. Maybe they even threaten to run away if they don’t get what they want and you find yourself bending over backwards for them in order to ensure they stay. What about if they have a boyfriend/ girlfriend? Would you let them stay over, the ever present threat hanging over your head. At least you know where they are right, and that they’re safe. Wrong!!! I have a lot of kids and I refuse to be blackmailed by any of them. I’m the adult in the house not them. While you’re under my roof you live by my rules. Unfortunately one didn’t like that and decided to move into his girlfriends parents house. I think it’s disgraceful that they would even think to allow a teenage boy to come and live with their 15 year old daughter. What’s worse is that I’ve not even received a phone call from them! I would never move in anyone else’s child and if one of my children dared to ask, I would be straight on the phone to their parents telling them the situation. Remember, the hint is in the name. “Children ” is what they are, they don’t make the rules.

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