Seven deadly sins#2 Gluttony


Next in the deadly sins series posts is my interpretation of gluttony. Often associated with food it’s meaning is to eat to the point of extravagance or waste. In our country there is a vastly growing amount of obese people. Some may see it as just being greedy but often there are reasons behind excessive eating, reasons that most wouldn’t understand. Depression is a prime candidate. We turn to food for comfort when we’re feeling down and if it’s a long term situation, our weight can pile on but even though you know you should stop, sometimes it just isn’t that easy. It can become an obsession especially if you’re unfortunate enough to have people around you who are constantly putting you down and usually regarding your weight. It becomes a viscous circle that some just can’t break even though it may be tearing them apart. Next time you see someone who is overweight don’t just assume they are gluttonous, they may be suffering from their own personal demons.

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