Deadly sins #3 Greed


Greed is everywhere we all crave something we want, but to what extent? Some people cram their homes with things they don’t use or need but to what purpose? There are many people in this world that have nothing while others waste money on useless things because of greed. We all want nice things, the latest gadgets etc but spare a thought for those who have nothing. Greed doesn’t just apply to material things. Some people have everything, nice house, loving family and yet it still isn’t enough, they also want what others have. They could be after your husband/wife or even your son/daughter and they won’t stop until they have what they want and then usually discard of them when they’ve had their fun. A greedy person is usually deceitful and spoiled. Be grateful for what you have and remember that others have worked just as hard to build their lives don’t come along and destroy what they have because you’re not content with your own life.

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