Fake people


I hate fake people, we all know at least one and yet most of the time we never call them on it. They are usually just a passing face, someone you know and say hello to or maybe someone you used to be close to and for whatever reason drifted apart from. You will find them in the thick of the gossip, a school playground is the highlight of their day where gossip is rife and peoples misery are their main purpose for living. They can completely ignore you for months and then pass by you and see that you look a little down and then they’re on you. Suddenly you are their best friend and concern oozes from their pores ready to lap up your problems in order to regurgitate them later on to anyone who will listen. Do they have no life of their own? Are they that bored? I generally keep to myself and never approach someone just because they seem upset. If they wanted me to know their business then I’m sure they would have sought me out in the first place. These people are not your friends they are parasites with nothing better to do. Give them a wide berth or even better make up a total lie and let them spread it around only to be made a fool of at the end of it. It’s nothing more than they deserve 😀

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