Deadly sins#4 Sloth


Sloth: lazy, aversion to work or exertion. We all have our lazy moments which are usually well earned but to be a permanent sloth? Nope, not me. I don’t understand how someone can spend day in day out doing nothing. Sat in front of the TV living in filth with only the smallest effort in lifting the control to change channels. Why are people like this? Do they not wish to have any achievements in their lives? Maybe they just want to be waited on hand and foot watching others racing around doing everything while they just sit there. Don’t they get bored? Unfortunately I know quite a few people like this and it looks to me, a sad life to live. I would go crazy doing nothing all day even on one of my lazy days I still make sure the housework is done and the kids are fed and watered, and still I’m not doing nothing I would be writing 😀

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