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Posted: October 30, 2015 in books


Everyone suffers some form of bullying at one point in their lives but what about when it gets out of hand? Teenagers are the cruelest and these days they move like wolves in a pack. You can have a problem with only one of them but sadly it soon becomes the entire group. They hound you wherever you go, chase you, threaten you to the point where you’re bound to the house but even then you’re still not free from it. Harassing phone calls, social media insults it’s a never ending nightmare. You could front them but then be prepared to take on all of them or even catch one alone but what about after? If you succeed then revenge is sure to follow and if you don’t then the abuse continues because you’re now an easy target. Some may suggest police interference but again it causes more problems. Since they are most likely minors a slap on the wrist is about the most they’re going to get. The police can’t watch over you indefinitely and just for that one phone call your torment is about to get a whole lot worse. Once you’ve been caught in this viscous circle there really doesn’t seem to be a way out.



Do you ever feel like the world is against you? I do. It seems like it’s just one thing after another. You deal with one problem only to be hit with another. Life becomes one depressing day after another struggling to make it through without breaking down. I often wonder what it is that I’ve done so wrong in order to receive so much bad luck. They say there are others that are worse off than you which is probably true but that doesn’t help to ease your heartbreak, pain and stress that you have to go through on a daily basis. I’ve experienced things I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy and while it has made me stronger as a person it does leave me wondering whether I was put on this earth to suffer. I’m not a Christian, I hold no beliefs, I’ve never been given a reason to show faith. Things don’t improve in my life  and good luck is something I’ve yet to experience. I fight for what I want and take whatever is thrown my way and will continue to do so until my time is up. I’m not a quitter but it would be nice to see some good fortune for a change, even just a day without some drama or worry. It’s hard when you’re the one who has to hold it all together. Do you ever feel this way?

What if?

Posted: October 27, 2015 in books


This is a question that is raised in most of our lives. What if I hadn’t met that person would my life have been different? Or what if I hadn’t turned down that job opportunity would I have been more successful? We spend most of our lives with these two words hanging over our heads, past and present. We can dwell on this all day long but once a decision is made and the past becomes the past there is nothing we can do about it. What if? Soon becomes regret especially if your decision was apparently the wrong one. The choices we make are ours alone, right or wrong and all we can do is either learn from them or make the best of a bad situation. It seems that we are hard wired to think about what could have been had we done something different but it doesn’t really get us anywhere and yet we continue to question what if?


Posted: October 26, 2015 in books


Have you ever felt used? You bend over backwards for a person but it just isn’t enough. You don’t expect undying gratitude for the things you do for them but a little respect goes a long way. It seems the more you give, the more they expect until they become almost spiteful with their requests. You only hear from them if they have a problem or they need you to do something and they only visit if they have money or some other item waiting for them. You’re the last person they would see for a social call unless there is no other person available or a stop gap until there is. It’s hard when you love someone like this. If it were a friend or even an acquaintance you wouldn’t allow them to treat you this way.


Would you stay together for the kids sake? It is an admiral thing to do but is it right? No one wants their kids to grow up in a broken home. You want to show them a stable environment and often kids get teased or looked down upon for being raised by just one parent. Some may stay together because they don’t want to put the kids through access either because they don’t want to have to give them over for the weekend, Christmas etc or simply because they don’t want to put their kids through that situation at all. It’s hard when a relationship breaks down and there are kids involved. I suppose it boils down to whether you want to live your life miserable with someone you no longer love, being held back from a life you could be enjoying. Of course if you’re constantly arguing and the atmosphere is tense then you’re not being fair to the kids anyway regardless of your sacrifice. The same applies to when you get pregnant and it wasn’t planned. People praise the man for standing by the woman even though he never intended to have a relationship with her but again is this right? Morally yes and it could even prove to be a success after all they were attracted to each other to begin with but more often than not it turns bitter with either one or both parties feeling trapped. Each individual is different but it is a tough decision to make.

Spoilt beyond belief

Posted: October 23, 2015 in books


I love my kids and have been known to go over budget at Christmas and birthdays but I do have a limit. I was talking to a friend the other day and she told me she was getting her two year old an iPad for Christmas. Seriously that is extreme in my book. I have a two year old myself and wouldn’t dream of getting her one. Two year olds are unpredictable. They could be the best behaved child in the world and yet when they get bored or throw a tantrum that iPad is kissing the floor. A child should be given toys or even books. They learn through play and while I know there are educational apps it’s just not practical. And what of the value of money? What will they be getting for their birthday? A chauffeur driven BMW! We all want to give our kids the world but once you start with extravagant presents it will only get worse and do you really want their nose stuck in technology at such a young age? There is plenty of time for that when they hit their teens and become an ignorant zombie glued to the screen of some device or other.

Has your child ever come home all upset and told you that a child is picking on them? You go outside to where they are playing all guns blazing angry that your baby has been upset only to find that the child in question is like two years old and your eight year old towers over them. Another one is that they are being bullied in school by a child who sits next to them. You ask the teacher to move the child in question and then the next day your child says they don’t like the new person sitting next to them and that they are annoying. It leaves you doubting whether they were actually being bullied in the first place or if it was just the fact that they didn’t like sitting next to them. Another scenario I’ve had is my youngest coming in saying a man was taking pictures of her. In this day and age hearing things like that makes your blood run cold. It turned out that it was actually a council worker taking a picture of a flooded drain and she got in the way which she later admitted. The problem is that as a parent your main concern is your child and hearing things like this can make you see red. Things could spiral out of control from a perfectly innocent situation that your child has blown out of proportion leaving you the guilty party and possibly in a lot of trouble. Why do our kids do this to us?


Dark mind

Posted: October 20, 2015 in books


When something happens in your life that gets you down it can leave your mind filled with dark thoughts. Things get twisted, overthought and quite often, terrifying. You can’t stop these thoughts and when you attempt to try it seems to make things worse. Scenarios play over, disturbing scenarios that plunge you further into the darkness, depressing you until you fear the world would be a better place without you. Usually the incentive to go on and fight through it is your loved ones but what if they are the reason for your downward spiral? What will spur you on then? Determination, not wanting to be seen as a failure or the thought of not giving them the satisfaction? Sadly you can’t escape from your own mind no matter how much you try. Even distancing yourself from others doesn’t stop your mind going into overdrive. I have no answers for you but writing can sometimes help to relieve the pressure. You don’t have to be a bestselling author either. Use a notebook, or even a blog to express some of your emotions. Think of it as your own personal therapy you may even find that you meet fellow sufferers along the way 😀

Why are kids so ungrateful?

Posted: October 19, 2015 in books


Why are kids so ungrateful? You bend over backwards for them but it never seems to be enough. I’m not a millionaire and while I’d love to get them every thing they want it’s just not possible. On the rare occasion when I have saved up the pennies and bought them something they have been drooling over I still don’t get gratitude even though they know full well I struggled to get it! I run around after them day in day out with no recognition at all of the fact I get no time to myself. I even get the ever famous “you love her/him more than me” if I’m in the middle of doing something for one child and won’t drop everything for another. This is a classic case of I can’t wait until you have your own kids, let’s see how they like karma being served to them 😀


Posted: October 18, 2015 in books


What do you do when your trust in a loved one is gone? You find out that everything you thought they were was a lie and now you can’t look at them the same anymore. You still love them but find it hard to believe a word that comes out of their mouth. Is there a way to gain this trust back? You grieve for the person they used to be, the closeness you thought that you shared. Even though they are still there it’s like a gaping hole has been left in your heart and you find that being around them is such a huge reminder of what used to be that you don’t really want to spend too much time in their company anymore. It’s a sad situation leaving you wishing that you could turn back the clock and return to the way things used to be.