Deadly sins#5 Wrath


Wrath: anger, violence, vengeance, punishment. We all at one stage have suffered from this sin. Whether you have felt the need to enforce it or have actually committed some form of wrath it’s all around us. It’s more than just anger and would have to be an extremely serious situation to feel the power of wrath. Unfortunately the human race have a knack for making someone that mad that they wish to punish you and extract their revenge. Have you ever despised someone enough to deserve your wrath? I have, but then when you’re a parent it releases the animal inside you when you feel that your children are being threatened. It burns inside and all kinds of hateful thoughts fill your mind, taunting and pushing until you feel like you’ll explode if someone doesn’t pay. Don’t fall victim to it, a strong person is big enough to walk away and let karma do the rest.

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