Customer service? what a joke!

Posted: October 2, 2015 in books


I don’t normally slam companies but these really pushed me to my limit! I have always ordered from this company and have never had the need of customer service until recently. I ordered trainers for my kids but only received part of the order, the other kept showing “at the service centre.” After a week I’d had enough I contacted the delivery company by a live chat and all they could tell me was that the parcel hadn’t been scanned in quite some time and that they could only assume it had gone missing. They advised me to contact who I ordered it from and that was all they could say. I contacted sports direct by email explaining what I had been told but didn’t receive any reply. Seven emails later I was getting frustrated. There was no live chat or contact number listed on the site so I hit Google. Several useless numbers later I finally got to talk to someone who promised they would look into it and let me know. A few more days later, still no word. I sent a very nasty email informing that I would be taking the matter further and accused them of theft. No sooner had I sent the email, I received a reply informing that they are very sorry for the delay and will be resending the order on next day delivery as a gesture of good will. Still waiting!!!!!

They are a complete joke of a company. Clearly they don’t follow their orders up and just send them out hoping for the best an absolute disgrace and I think it’s fair to say that I will never order from them again! Anyone who has had the same problem I’d love to hear from you and for those who can’t find a working number, here’s the one I got through on you have to wait in a queue but someone will eventually answer: 0870 333 9400


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