Deadly sins#6 Envy

Posted: October 2, 2015 in books


Envy, a strong feeling of jealousy. We all envy something. Maybe you envy your friend. Perhaps you think she has the perfect life. Her good looks and happy smile, complete with an adoring husband just may send you sinking into the depths of jealousy where your mind fills with nasty thoughts and turns your friendship upside down. Tame that green eyed monster for a moment and think about it. Is her smile genuine? Or can you see the edges faltering? People are good at hiding what truly lies behind their smile. It is possible that she may even envy you and really, is her life better than yours? Perhaps instead of obsessing over others, you should look within and see what needs changing in your own life in order to achieve happiness. It’s easy to want what others have but the likelihood that you would be content even if you were able to obtain it are very slim. Several quotes spring to mind, the grass is always greener on the other side, money can’t buy you happiness. Try this quote, I think it sums it up šŸ˜€



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