Have you ever felt torn?

Posted: October 3, 2015 in books


Have you ever felt torn over something or someone? Perhaps a loved one has caused turmoil in your life performing an act that has hurt you so deeply things will never be the same. Other family members have witnessed your pain and tears and also fallen victim to the spite of this person and disowned them as a result of their actions. Time moves on, the hurt doesn’t fade. You miss them like crazy and would do anything to see them despite the pain they have caused you. The rest of the family tell you to forget them and that you’re better off without them, but you can’t. Opportunity arises and contact is made, apologies are given and they want to see you. What do you do? Your family who have supported you through this won’t approve do you go against them after all they’ve done? Your heart is divided and there is no easy solution in sight but all you know is that you want to see this person that you brought into the world. You remember the nights you spent comforting them when they were ill. You remember watching their school plays and their face light up at Christmas. What do you do when you’re torn between your own child and the rest of your family?


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