Do you bottle your emotions?

Posted: October 4, 2015 in books


Are you the type of person to bottle your emotions? I am. Sometimes dealing with hard situations is too much and the only way of coping is to push it all to the back of your mind and ignore it. The problem is that they have a way of sneaking out. You feel them pushing at the edges, usually when you’re in a moment of quiet. While you’re busy it’s easy to tame the emotions, your mind is occupied. Sometimes you even create things to do knowing that if you stop for a moment, even just to sit down and relax your mind will start wandering. Bottling emotions is a temporary solution. I sometimes think that one day I may explode from the mass of cast aside turmoil held behind the temporary walls that I have erected around them. The pressure builds each day but the thought of letting them free and dealing with it is far too frightening. My stubbornness to remain strong and not give in to the weakness that I fear it will cause, may just be my downfall. Have you ever felt like this? Did you find a solution or fall apart under the pressure?


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