Do you ever feel like the piggy in the middle?


Do you ever feel caught in the middle? It could be that your close knit group of friends have divided through a fall out and you are expected to choose a side even though you don’t want to. Maybe it’s your parents. A bitter divorce has left them fighting for your attention and you simply can’t please both of them. What about your own children, what do you do when they have fallen out so badly that should they be left in the same room together it would most likely result in an assault charge. Being stuck in the middle is a horrible situation. It doesn’t matter what you do it always leaves you feeling like a traitor. One party spends your time together putting the other down and trying to convince you to join in and then the other does the same. A simple solution would be to ignore both of them, leaving the warring couple to their own devices but when it’s your own flesh and blood it’s not that simple. You love them both dearly and hate to be divided between the pair but nothing you say or do can change the situation. It’s a tough thing to go through and all you can do is hope and pray it soon resolves.

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