Interfering people

Posted: October 11, 2015 in books


I hate it when people feel the need to interfere with a decision I have made regarding my children. As parents I’m sure you’ve come across this at least once in your life or even done it yourself as a child. You know, that situation when you’re busy and they want to go to a nearby event with their friends but you tell them no and low and behold the door knocks with your child standing there like butter wouldn’t melt having convinced their friends mum to take them instead. You stand there boiling and staring daggers at your little angel for going against your decision while the woman in front of you is insisting it’s no bother, they’re not busy and can take your child for you. Although it’s an act of kindness and she probably is genuine you can’t help but feel that she is looking down on you for refusing your child’s request. Even though you’re about ready to ground them for the rest of their life for going behind your back, you have to smile sweetly and say “thank you that would be great.” What other option do you have? You could stick to your guns and flat out refuse but then that would be rude and what reason could you give, “hey miss perfect not all of us have endless hours in the day where we can take our child to every damn event going!”

  1. I would tell that mother that your little angel already knew the answer was no, you have already explained it to him/her and will stick with your decision. I’m betting the lesson will sink in with little angel with nothing even said after. If they do say something you can tell them that you are the parent, your decision is the one that matters and was made in their best interest. Of course, that also means you have to have a reason to tell them but I’m assuming you did that..They’ll be embarrassed and won’t do it again. It is awkward in the moment, but it’s worth it for he lesson learned.

    • You may get protest from your neighbour but you can say that you understand she likely didn’t know about your decision, and that your child likely did not give her the full story. You can thank her for her kindness and how much you appreciate what a great neighbour she is, but that as a parent you believe it’s important to stick to your guns.

    • I did but she ever so sweetly said that it was no bother and that she was going anyway leaving me not a lot of room for argument without being disrespectful. My little darling however got an earful and a warning of revoked privileges if she attempted to put me in that situation again. Hopefully it will sink in that when I say no, I mean it.

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