Toddler bedtime

Posted: October 12, 2015 in books

image image

If like me you have a two year old, bedtimes can be a complete nightmare. I’ve tried everything, reading but she gets bored after a while, leaving the TV on doesn’t keep her in the bed instead she climbs out to play so the only way is lights out and door shut. This however only keeps her in the bed. I get climbed all over, kicked, and head butted. Next comes the singing, followed by her feet walking up the wall and then repeatedly kicking it in fast succession. Fingernails scraping the netted bed guard is next on the list and then the crying. I know full well that she’s tired but she fights it every night. She could have a nap during the day or no nap and it’s still the same every night. I think by the end of it I’m more tired than she is! The quotes above are extremely fitting 😃

  1. Uhm, that doesn’t just apply to 2 year olds. *eyes her six year old* Just, you know, so you know.

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