Growing apart

Posted: October 14, 2015 in books


In life most of us have good friends, close friends or even a best friend but it doesn’t always stay that way. Your friend is someone you can turn to and know that they will always listen and be there when you need them. This person is someone you depend upon but then one day you look at them and suddenly they don’t seem so great anymore. It could be something little, a comment or action that really irks you and you can’t shake it from your mind. You watch them in a critical way and realise that the person you’ve relied on for years is not someone you want to be around anymore. It’s sad as you reminisce on the good times together but things have changed. You no longer want to share your innermost secrets with them, time together is less frequent and when you’re feeling down and you reach for the phone you can’t quite motivate your finger to press that dial. How is it that you can go from being inseparable to hoping that they just fade into the background? You sit there wondering whether the break away was necessary, did that one thing really matter that much? But then you see them and find that you were easily replaced and your doubt in the friendship was clearly warranted. It doesn’t change your memories or the forgotten moments when you desperately need a friend and find that you’re alone but it was however the right decision.

  1. It’s tough isn’t it, when you grow apart from someone. Some friendships are invaluable for a time, and then hit their expiry date. But it still stings!

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