Is to hate someone a sin?

Posted: October 14, 2015 in books


Some people believe that hating someone is wrong and forgiveness is the answer. What about the rapists, peodophiles, murderers or even domestic violence abusers? Should we forgive them? I wouldn’t. That one person who can change your life completely, leave you scared and even feeling worthless, possibly to the point of wanting to take your own life. These people are pure evil they don’t deserve forgiveness or even an attempt at it. I know all the quotes and sayings, “don’t waste your time on hating someone ” etc etc but when you feel that strongly, when you’ve suffered at the hands of one of these vile beings, hate is what you live for. It’s what drives you forward and gets you through the day because without it, you’re left with a mind full of raw emotions that may just drive you insane.


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