Please hold the line…

Posted: October 15, 2015 in books


One of the most frustrating things in this world is being kept on hold. You really have to make the call even though your phone bill along with your temper goes through the roof! I’ve done housework, changed the baby even vacuumed while being on hold its ridiculous. You suddenly change into this crazy person and start threatening the receiver while your brain is being assaulted by the distasteful music pummelling your ear drums. I even start wondering whether they can actually hear me on the other end because as soon as I start cursing their very existence the call connects. And have you ever got so close that the person on the other end finally speaks and then they cut you off!! The worst part about it is they have the cheek to say why didn’t you contact us sooner! Would you like to see my phone bill as proof?!! They say unemployment is rising well clearly these call centres are in need of more staff start training people up!


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