Dark mind


When something happens in your life that gets you down it can leave your mind filled with dark thoughts. Things get twisted, overthought and quite often, terrifying. You can’t stop these thoughts and when you attempt to try it seems to make things worse. Scenarios play over, disturbing scenarios that plunge you further into the darkness, depressing you until you fear the world would be a better place without you. Usually the incentive to go on and fight through it is your loved ones but what if they are the reason for your downward spiral? What will spur you on then? Determination, not wanting to be seen as a failure or the thought of not giving them the satisfaction? Sadly you can’t escape from your own mind no matter how much you try. Even distancing yourself from others doesn’t stop your mind going into overdrive. I have no answers for you but writing can sometimes help to relieve the pressure. You don’t have to be a bestselling author either. Use a notebook, or even a blog to express some of your emotions. Think of it as your own personal therapy you may even find that you meet fellow sufferers along the way 😀

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