Why do kids blow things out of proportion?

Has your child ever come home all upset and told you that a child is picking on them? You go outside to where they are playing all guns blazing angry that your baby has been upset only to find that the child in question is like two years old and your eight year old towers over them. Another one is that they are being bullied in school by a child who sits next to them. You ask the teacher to move the child in question and then the next day your child says they don’t like the new person sitting next to them and that they are annoying. It leaves you doubting whether they were actually being bullied in the first place or if it was just the fact that they didn’t like sitting next to them. Another scenario I’ve had is my youngest coming in saying a man was taking pictures of her. In this day and age hearing things like that makes your blood run cold. It turned out that it was actually a council worker taking a picture of a flooded drain and she got in the way which she later admitted. The problem is that as a parent your main concern is your child and hearing things like this can make you see red. Things could spiral out of control from a perfectly innocent situation that your child has blown out of proportion leaving you the guilty party and possibly in a lot of trouble. Why do our kids do this to us?


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