Spoilt beyond belief


I love my kids and have been known to go over budget at Christmas and birthdays but I do have a limit. I was talking to a friend the other day and she told me she was getting her two year old an iPad for Christmas. Seriously that is extreme in my book. I have a two year old myself and wouldn’t dream of getting her one. Two year olds are unpredictable. They could be the best behaved child in the world and yet when they get bored or throw a tantrum that iPad is kissing the floor. A child should be given toys or even books. They learn through play and while I know there are educational apps it’s just not practical. And what of the value of money? What will they be getting for their birthday? A chauffeur driven BMW! We all want to give our kids the world but once you start with extravagant presents it will only get worse and do you really want their nose stuck in technology at such a young age? There is plenty of time for that when they hit their teens and become an ignorant zombie glued to the screen of some device or other.

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