Everyone suffers some form of bullying at one point in their lives but what about when it gets out of hand? Teenagers are the cruelest and these days they move like wolves in a pack. You can have a problem with only one of them but sadly it soon becomes the entire group. They hound you wherever you go, chase you, threaten you to the point where you’re bound to the house but even then you’re still not free from it. Harassing phone calls, social media insults it’s a never ending nightmare. You could front them but then be prepared to take on all of them or even catch one alone but what about after? If you succeed then revenge is sure to follow and if you don’t then the abuse continues because you’re now an easy target. Some may suggest police interference but again it causes more problems. Since they are most likely minors a slap on the wrist is about the most they’re going to get. The police can’t watch over you indefinitely and just for that one phone call your torment is about to get a whole lot worse. Once you’ve been caught in this viscous circle there really doesn’t seem to be a way out.

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  1. e a lake says:

    Ah, one of my three causes. Literacy, Veterans, and Bullying. Perhaps we can join forces on this issue Linda, and spread the word as far as we can…This Bullying HAS TO END!!!!

    1. It really does. I know of one teenager who is basically trapped in his own home. He can’t go out unless an adult is with him and is constantly threatened it’s disgusting behaviour but there is little or nothing anyone can do when it comes to teenagers.

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