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Spoof emails

Posted: November 29, 2015 in books


Beware of receiving this email. I found out too late but it is a known phishing site. When you follow the link it looks like PayPal so I filled out my card details etc thinking nothing of it. Luckily my mum warned me that it could be a spoof email, when I went back into it, a warning came up saying its a suspected phishing site (shame they didn’t warn me beforehand) Luckily my bank account hadn’t been cleared out but I cancelled my card anyway. If you do receive this email don’t use the link, open another and go into PayPal to be on the safe side.


Reaching out

Posted: November 28, 2015 in books


Reaching out to someone can often be a hard thing to do. You may be a solitary person and have relied only on yourself for so long that you don’t know how to ask for help. Perhaps you’re scared of rejection, it does happen and what do you do then when you’re knocked further back into your shell? Maybe you’re trying to help someone else by offering yourself but fear that they may take offence. It takes quite a bit of courage to put yourself out there, some people may not realise just how hard it is but we all need someone. Even if you do prefer your own company or are too proud to ask for help when you so desperately need it, life in solitude is a lonely place.

Life is hard

Posted: November 27, 2015 in books


Have you ever said “you would all be better off without me?” What you really mean is that you would be better off without you. Things would be so much easier, no stress, worry but then if you’re gone I suppose it wouldn’t matter. Of course there is the ripple effect to consider,if you decided to go and end it all. How would your children, parents, or even friends feel? For most, these are the reason we go on despite wanting a hole to swallow you up and end your suffering. It’s funny, as a child you desperately want to get older, have responsibility, a family of your own. As an adult you want to return to the ignorant bliss of a carefree child. No bills to stress over, or pain to suffer when your nearest and dearest rip your heart in two. You may come across as selfish but when you’re hurting so bad, you just want it all to go away. Just the simple act of getting out of bed in the morning can be a task when you’re drowning in the deep pit of despair. Most people don’t understand because they have never been unfortunate enough to have endured what you’re going through. In their opinion you should suck it up, maybe get some pills and think of the effect you’re having on your loved ones. If only it were that simple. I suppose it boils down to continuing to drag yourself through each day in the hope that things improve, but what if they don’t? I guess the only way you will know is if you stick around to find out.

Forgive and forget

Posted: November 25, 2015 in books


To forgive and forget is a hard thing to do especially when the person isn’t deserving. You know that they shouldn’t even be allowed in your life after the pain they have caused you but sometimes it hurts more, to not have them around even though the likelihood of them doing it again is almost certain. They simply can’t see that they are in the wrong and because of this and their pure stupidity, you allow them to remain in your life but at a distance. You will never feel the same about them, you may not even want to see them, but just knowing that they are there is comfort enough should they ever come to their senses.

Lacking motivation

Posted: November 19, 2015 in books


I’ve been seriously lacking motivation lately. I would say it’s the dreary weather but I actually prefer rainy days. I have a WIP that I desperately want to get on with but can’t seem to take that step. I also have a book that I started reading but again, my full attention isn’t on it and I give up after a few lines. Even my blogs are being neglected! The quote above is inspirational and though the want or even need to get back on track is there, my heart isn’t really into it. I suppose this limbo will pass eventually, I’ve been here many times before. I guess I’ll have to wait  for the big ol boot to come along and kick me up the butt to get moving 😀

Audiobook vs reading

Posted: November 19, 2015 in books



I haven’t as yet purchased an audiobook but have considered it. The thing is, it kind of feels like cheating. I suppose if you’re working out, it would be useful since you can’t use your hands but I feel that it takes the experience away. I think I’d get bored having someone droning on down my ear while I just sit there, to be honest it would probably put me to sleep. I don’t think it’s for me. I like to sit there,book or kindle in hand and read it for myself.

Supporting your parents

Posted: November 13, 2015 in books


I have lots of fond memories from my childhood but one that stands out the most is watching my dad decorate. He used to take me to some of his jobs when I was younger and I would sit there watching, taking everything in. It wasn’t long before I was decorating my own bedroom and then when I flew the nest I went on to decorate my own house. My parents have supported me throughout my life through good and bad decisions that I have made and I’m eternally grateful for that and when they told me that they were starting up their own decorating business I jumped at the chance to help promote it. My way of giving a little something back for all the support they have given me 🙂 So I’m asking all my readers to help me return the favor. Following are two links, one for their Facebook page and the other for the website. I would appreciate it if you could pop over and hit like to help promote what I know will be a fantastic business if given the chance. Thanks for listening 🙂