Blinded by love


Have you ever been blinded by love? I have. You care so deeply about a person that you don’t see the faults that are clear for all to see, except you. People try to tell you, warn you that you’re being taken for a ride but you won’t hear of it. To you, there is nothing wrong with your loved one. Your perception of the person they are is distorted, blinded by the love you feel for them. When you spend time apart the realisation starts to sink in. You only seem to hear or see them when they need something. At first you give in, after all you love them, but it becomes too frequent. Conversation is brief especially if you can’t provide whatever it is that they want and you start to regress into the past to see if they had truly always been this way. Little things spring to mind and as you look deeper it starts to become clearer. Your mind has deceived you. The love and compassion you have shown up till now starts to crumble. Bitterness creeps in, you still love them but it’s not the same. They are not the same. The sweet and innocent person you thought they were has evaporated leaving a deceitful liar in their place. They knew that they were taking advantage of you, but you let it happen blinded by your love for them.

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