History repeating itself


We all make mistakes in our lives. What if they return but except this time it’s not you making them, it’s your children? No one wants it to happen and you try and try to tell them but they don’t listen. Did you? Teenagers very rarely listen to reason, they know best. You’re quoted that they aren’t stupid enough to make the same mistake you did, or just because you’re older and wiser it doesn’t mean that you know what’s best for them. I remember having a similar attitude and no one could sway me once my decision was made. All you can do is hope that they learn, as you did from their mistakes. It’s like a vicious circle, one that can’t be broken unless you have a teenager who is willing to listen to reason. For the rest of us it’s like a movie on rewind and unfortunately you’ve already seen the ending. I suppose we have to let them make their own decisions but it’s extremely frustrating when you know how it turns out and can do nothing whatsoever to prevent it from happening.

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