Childhood revisited


Christmas is the time of year when I go into a mad search for toys for my kids. I always try to find things that will keep them entertained but toys these days aren’t as good as they were in my day. Having spent the last few days trawling through eBay I have to say it’s been like revisiting my childhood. I’ve come across Barbie’s that I used to play with and even a Sindy dollhouse that I used to have! It’s actually quite annoying really, these things were thrown away many years ago and now I want them back lol. One thing I came across was the flower fairies made by Hornby. I used to have the homeland fairy garden and all the fairies and I would spend hours playing with it. My 8 year old loves things like this in fact she plays with similar toys that I used to so I couldn’t resist buying it for her when I came across it on eBay. Despite being over 30 years old it’s in really good shape and I know she will love it. Here’s a picture for those of you who may remember and want a little trip back in time 😀


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