Life is hard


Have you ever said “you would all be better off without me?” What you really mean is that you would be better off without you. Things would be so much easier, no stress, worry but then if you’re gone I suppose it wouldn’t matter. Of course there is the ripple effect to consider,if you decided to go and end it all. How would your children, parents, or even friends feel? For most, these are the reason we go on despite wanting a hole to swallow you up and end your suffering. It’s funny, as a child you desperately want to get older, have responsibility, a family of your own. As an adult you want to return to the ignorant bliss of a carefree child. No bills to stress over, or pain to suffer when your nearest and dearest rip your heart in two. You may come across as selfish but when you’re hurting so bad, you just want it all to go away. Just the simple act of getting out of bed in the morning can be a task when you’re drowning in the deep pit of despair. Most people don’t understand because they have never been unfortunate enough to have endured what you’re going through. In their opinion you should suck it up, maybe get some pills and think of the effect you’re having on your loved ones. If only it were that simple. I suppose it boils down to continuing to drag yourself through each day in the hope that things improve, but what if they don’t? I guess the only way you will know is if you stick around to find out.

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